During this month of October, Immaculate Conception School, Yuma, Arizona celebrated our Franciscan Sisters particularly in honor of St. Francis feast day. A  special cake was ordered and served as a treat. Sister Lorita Gaffney, Sister Ann Mary Hart and Sister Janet Rose felt greatly appreciated for who they are as followers of St. Francis. It was a kind gesture on behalf of the faculty, staff and families of the school.

Sister Ann Mary Hart, Vice Principal, upper grade interventionist, and hot lunch program, worked throughout the summer on getting the Cafeteria requirements organized for the hot lunch program and working with the new principal. Even though students are at times doing on-line work, the breakfast and lunch is available every day for families to pick up.

Sister Janet Rose, interventionist and second grade religion teacher, teaches in school and at times has instructed on-line classes.

Sister Lorita Gaffney lends a hand in the office doing many needed tasks. Covid-19 precautions created some new projects.