Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sisters Marlita, Mary Ann, Rosalyn and Carla enjoyed preparing an evening meal for the residents at Sister Jose’s Women’s Center, Tucson, Arizona on April 7th. They prepared Sloppy Joes which were served with coleslaw and Pumpkin Bread for dessert. The Sisters enjoyed eating with the women and hearing some of their stories, hopes and dreams.

Sister Marlita volunteers on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Center. She works in the laundry and helps the guests coming in off the street with their washing.


The Center is in the process of expanding their space to accommodate more residents. The sisters were able to see the new expansion which will enable a total of 50 women to live there until they can find housing.

“Sister José Women’s Center is a Tucson-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to aid and transform the lives of women who are unhoused. Our low-barrier day center provides unaccompanied women who are unhoused with a stable and safe environment to recuperate from the daily struggle of homelessness and extreme poverty. Sister José’s is dedicated to creating a sustainable future for our guests by providing life-changing support and resources to begin their transition out of housing insecurity. For many of our guests, we are their only safe haven and the first step to recovery. No opportunity to make positive change within our community will go untouched.” (Sister Jose’s Women Center website)