Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity serving in Yuma, Arizona have been busy with inviting various groups to our convent home for an open house including a tour, ice cream, cookies and a drink. The faculties and staff from Immaculate Conception School, St. Francis School and Yuma Catholic High School each came over on their respective Friday to get a glimpse into how we live.

Also invited over on a Sunday afternoon were parishioners from the three parishes in the area. With the heavy emphasis placed on vocation awareness by the Tucson Diocese this year, this was an opportune time to bring more awareness to key groups of people on our life as religious.

Several Yuma Catholic High School students came for the parish open house and stayed the whole time, spending some of the time playing games in the living room, even when all of us Sisters were busy with giving tours and visiting with others. It was so nice having them here.