Remember when the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity at San Xavier Mission Convent, Tucson, Arizona, celebrated Pope Francis’ Laudato Si Week initiated by Pope Francis back in May? Friar Fr. Bill Minkle, OFM and Fr. Paul Wilkin, SDS constructed a state of the art raised garden for them. Sister Carla Riach gives an update. 

This spring we Sisters were blessed with a raised garden and enjoyed planting radishes, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and basil. We faithfully watered it twice a day through the hot summer until sadly the birds and squirrels ate most of it. I saved one tomato plant and put it next to the Lupine in the patio with a wire cage around it. After faithfully watering it every day a little tomato started to grow.

The plant completely dried up and the tomato finally turned red. A freeze was predicted for October 26th and the tomato was picked. It is THE FRUIT of our efforts. It was ceremoniously cut and shared by all the sisters on October 27th. It was a bit green inside but tasted good.