Thanksgiving is a day most of us naturally think of others. Before Covid 19, it was tradition to have large friendly gatherings where family, communities, especially those who were alone or in need, could enjoy a hot meal with others.

In 2020 this was not wise or safe. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity at St. Peter Indian Mission in Bapchule, AZ didn’t invite a lot of people to share their meal time, but they did reach out broadly to their neighbors on the Gila River Reservation before they sat down to eat.

Many generous people and organizations helped them purchase the needed groceries to feed 250+ families. Picture large amounts of food and many carry-outsĀ  to go.

Needless to say, the Sisters had a good time cooking. Together they were able to enjoy their own meal after they fed the multitude. These pictures highlight those moments.

Indeed, this mask says it all! The Lord bless us all as we give God first place in our Thanksgiving celebrations.