Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Marlita Henseler shares her last message with us from Kino Institute, Nogales, Mexico. She will soon be living at our San Xavier Mission Convent, Tucson after returning to Wisconsin for summer commitments.

We are experiencing a heat wave here in Nogales. It has reached 100 a few days in a row now, and only drops to 75 in the evening.

It is a bit cooler than Tucson however, as Sr. Carla said the other day it was 110. We are at a higher altitude. So even though closer to the equator, we are not as hot. Sounds like they are more accustomed to these temps later in the summer, but climate change affects them, too.

The number of migrants has not decreased coming from parts of Mexico and the Central American countries. Our shelter is nearly full again, and there are many needy folks who seek  a safe place to live. We provide that for a time while they seek employment and a place to rent. A few head back to where they came from since asylum is not open, but very few.

We have had some very nice farewells with folks here already because there are 4 of us “longtimers” , volunteers staying 9-12 months. Two of us leave in the first half of June, and two at the end of the month. We were crown with a floral crown and given a tribute with a poster of various photos from events during our time here. Big cake to share and lots of good wishes. Also a few individuals have invited me with the rest of the Sisters here for a meal. The Sisters also had their farewell meal and good wishes for me since Sr. Engracia left  for her vacation recently for 2 weeks. She did not want to miss it!

It is with mixed emotions that I have to say Adios, as this has been a really great time here and I have appreciated getting to know many.  I have learn much about the plight of the migrants and I think I told you  I may be able to work with them again on the US side

Of the border. I will be living in Tucson, and will hope to assist them once they have crossed the border. I will also hope to visit Kino again as it is only an hour from Tucson.

So I will see many of you soon. I leave for Tucson this Saturday, and we fly home to WI on the 21st. May your summer days be ones that you can enjoy with family and friends.

God’s special blessings be yours. Be safe and stay healthy. Please.

Love and prayers.

Sister Marlita