Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Marlita Henseler represented Sister Jose Women’s Shelter at A Light the World Giving Machine at Tucson Mall, Tucson, Arizona. Read more from Sister Marlita below.  

From December 17 until New Years, A Light the World Giving machine was located in the local Tucson Mall. I had the opportunity to represent Sister Jose Women’s Shelter where I volunteer three mornings a week and help solicit shoppers to stop and donate to six local charities and a worldwide one as well. The Shelter where I work had five different levels of giving possible from $6.00-200.00. Much like a vending machine, givers selected the item they wished to donate and paid with credit or debit card.

The experience was very pleasant, and I had many questions like: “Are you a real Sister?” and “Where do you work?” as well as pleas for prayers. Giving witness to the Christmas shoppers gave me the real Christmas spirit of giving and receiving, and I was happy to join with my companions for 2 different 3-hour shifts. This was the first time a Giving Machine was located in Tucson.

I also had the chance to get my photo with Santa, whose chair was right in front of the machine!!! And Santa himself paid for it, as it was at his invitation!!