Franciscan Sister Mary Teresa Bettag shares on what it means to teach at Yuma Catholic High School, Yuma, Arizona.

Sister Mary Teresa Bettag

Yuma Catholic High School, Yuma, Arizona

Instructor: freshmen theology and public speaking

Coach: cross-country &, track and field

Moderator of the Winter Warriors—our off-season running, hiking and all-around adventure club

Co-campus minister

We are blessed to have our students back in-person—a milestone that coincided with Catholic Schools’ Week, making this year’s celebration extra special. See, my favorite part of teaching is the kids—they make my day every day! Freshmen are just so funny! Plus, I find that high schoolers are absolutely authentic—authentic in their relationships, in their search for God, and very much authentic in their speech (for better or worse). Honestly, they make me a better person, and I just hope that my presence in their lives can do the same for them; that I can reveal God and His love to them the way they reveal Him to me. It makes for a very enriching experience of teaching theology as we uncover the living God in our midst. Always great to see lights go on and sparks of faith ignited. I think that is the best part of working at a Catholic School, getting to be witness to God’s activity in hearts and minds—including my own.