Bishop Edward Weisenburger, Bishop of the Diocese of Tucson, featured the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity General Administration in a recent communication to the diocese. We share it here.

The new leadership team for the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, will have a distinctly Southwest flavor with all five having served in the Diocese of Tucson. Take a look at the included photo, and I am certain many of my Update readers will recognize someone.

Franciscan SIsters of Christian Charity Leadership 2019
Franciscan Sisters Leonette Kochan, Myra Jean Sweigart, Jane Kinate, Theresa Feldkamp and Natalie Binversie were elected by members of the congregation June 24 and installed July 21. Sister Kochan, who had been serving as diocesan Office of Life and Human Dignity coordinator, returned briefly to Tucson in July and will return to Manitowoc for good in late August. She was elected Third Councilor. Originally from Francis Creek, Wisconsin, she was missioned in Tucson where she previously served as principal of Santa Cruz Catholic School, Tucson and Immaculate Conception Catholic School in Yuma. While we are proud of Sister, we are going to miss her. Good luck!
Sister Binversie was elected Community Director for a second term, previously serving 2013-19. Before being Community Director, she was a teacher in the primary grades, Novice Directress and spent time at Santa Cruz and San Xavier Catholic schools. Sister Sweigart likewise was re-elected First Councilor and Treasurer General. Originally from
Cambridge, Ohio, she has a background in elementary education as teacher and principal, including time at San Xavier. Originally from Wrightstown, Wisconsin, Sister Feldkamp was re-elected Second Councilor she has a background in elementary education as teacher and principal, including time at Immaculate Conception and San Xavier. Sister Kinate, also from Wrightstown, was elected Fourth Councilor. She has been in education all of her life, teaching in Manitowoc for the past 20 years. She also spent time at Immaculate Conception.

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity were founded 150 years ago on Nov. 9, 1869 in Manitowoc. The Sisters presently serve in Arizona at San Xavier Mission, San Miguel High School and the Diocesan Office in Tucson; Immaculate Conception School, St. Francis Catholic School and Yuma Catholic High School in Yuma; St. Anthony of Padua School and Parish in Casa Grande; and St. Andrew Parish in Sierra Vista. Sisters also serve in Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin.