St. Francis of Assisi School faculty, Yuma, Arizona felt the need to create an uplifting community spirit and clear the air of a purely pandemic focus. They asked everyone, including the students, to dress a little differently. Everyone was to wear a Christmas sweater for school with their uniform, and of course to also continue to wear an appropriate mask. There were prizes for the most memorable designs.

Teacher Franciscan Sister Hannah Johnecheck noticed one of the second graders was a little disturbed about how people referred to this day. He said: “Our sweaters are not ugly. They are beautiful.”

Once again, it is a child who puts an honest perspective on life. If we think about it, beauty is not what is fashionable or not in the eyes of others. It is something that exalts the mind or spirit. The simple one day dress code change did cheer hearts and encouraged a more joyful school environment. The bright colors and multi-patterned knitted clothing created a beautiful Advent memory.