Where do Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity teachers accompany students from St. Peter Indian Mission School for a class trip? The place says something about the students themselves. Sister Martha, Sister Carol and Sister Pamela Catherine rode on the bus with their students to San Xavier Del Bac, Tucson, AZ, for an 8th grade field trip! Indeed, there were lots of views of open desert and spirited skies.

This was complete with traditional singing on the bus. It was a real pilgrimage calling upon our loving God to be with us and to strengthen us in our future. This was not enough. The young people sang their songs in front of the majestic church before going inside to pray.

Inside, one could not help but feel the souls of many who have gone before us to this place with hopes that God would hear them.

We took it all in, the silence, the presence of the Saints, the Catholic faith so beautifully displayed throughout the church, the Franciscan and Jesuit influence in this treasured spot.

Outside, we climbed the little mountain with the white cross calling all to come and pray at Our Lady’s Grotto.

We left with a spirit of peace in our hearts and feeling God’s Holy Spirit guiding our path.