Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sister Marlita Henseler and Sister Carla Riach joined the walkers in the annual Las Posadas on the Border on December 17th. They met Diocese of Tucson Bishop Edward Wiesenburger and Bishop Gonzalez, many of the organizers from Kino Border Institute and volunteers Sister Marlita knew from her experience last year.

Sister Carla was impressed with the young families walking with children in strollers, on their shoulders, in their arms and toddling along. In spite of the difficulties of their lives the immigrants are full of hope and joy.

Three asylum seekers shared their stories along the way. After each testimony there was a call to action and prayer. Then the Las Posades song was sung. Each time the verses reflected the plea of the immigrant. I am sharing the verses sung after a single Mother of three children shared her struggle to get her children into school while waiting in Nogales, Mexico.

Hello Mr. principal,
I’m here with my children
To enroll them here
And continue with their studies

Don’t you realize, Ma’am,
Your children cannot enter
It’s too late to enroll them
We’re about to finish

My children have the right
To be able to study
How can it be possible
That you want to reject them?

Without documentation
How will I accept them
Show me their proof of studies
So that I can look at it.

When leaving
I could not prepare myself
Saving our lives
Is all I could think about

I can consider them
But not guarantee
You only stay a while
And soon you will be on your way