Franciscan Sister Elena Gonzales shares on Holy Week preparations and the Feast of the Resurrection of Jesus.

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity at St. Peter Indian Mission School enjoyed preparing the church and setting up for a fun Easter with each other. We attentively prepared the church from Palm Sunday to Easter morning.

Our first endeavor was to set up for Holy Thursday Mass at 7pm. The following day we spent our morning in prayer in Church. During this prayer time it was good to rest in His love for a few hours. Then at noon we participated in the services of Good Friday. Later in the evening we had a great time decorating three dozen Easter eggs. Early Saturday morning we joyfully went to the Church to get it set up. That very night we had 19 baptisms, 23 confirmed, and 16 communicants. The Easter Vigil Mass went from 8pm to 10:30pm. Saint Peter Church was filled for the Easter Vigil and many were outside the church for the Mass. After Mass we all gathered and celebrated in the cafeteria with a chili-bean meal and snacks. Easter Sunday was met with a beautiful morning and we had six more baptisms with a total of 25 baptisms in our little parish.

After Easter Mass there was red and white menudo made by the people and I was very thankful for the menudo. Then we creatively frosted about eleven dozen Easter cookies that were then given to parishioners. In between the Holy Week we cleaned up the gardens and prepared the grounds with ribbons. Many flowers were blooming to praise the Risen Lord. Alleluia!